Lautenthal (part of the borough of Langelsheim, the Goslar district) lies in the northwestern Harz Mountains, between two rivers – the Innerste and the Grone. The formerly significant mining town, today it serves mostly as a touristic site.

In Lautenthal, there is an antique silver mining and museum - „Lautenthal Glück. This place offers you many possibilities: you can have a ride down into the old mine, sail on the canals, see mining exhibits, or even search for a lump of precious ore.

The Harz is the mountain range in the Northern Germany, with the Brocken as the highest summit with a height of 1,142 meters above sea level. The most beautiful part of the range is protected by the Harz National Park.

Breath-taking views, picturesque towns, impressive cathedrals and engineering marvels are only a few attractions that Visitors encounter while travelling to the Harz Mountains. Rich vegetation of the forests and their secret spots, as well as numerous dam lakes are also part of this incredibly marvelous landscape. The Harz Mountains offer the entire range of characteristic ecological systems where at the same time you encounter gentle hills, steep rocks, and romantic valleys. At every turn you come across numerous attractions and surprises. The landscape of the Harz is very diverse – impressive mountains intermingle with breathtaking lakes.

The Harz give you opportunities to practice mountain and water sports. This place abounds with numerous trekking trails, water-walking tours, rock climbing spots, cycling routes diversified by different degrees of advancement, monster roller trails, roller-skating paths, summer sledge tracks (Sommerrodelbahn), canoeing and water paddle trails, as well as many other spots to simply indulge in swimming and sunbathing. It is a perfect destination not only for family tours but also for more demanding and extreme expeditions. Moreover, you will also find here the largest chain of bike routes - Volksbank Arena Harz. And in winter, you will enjoy cross country skiing, skiing and snowboarding, or ski jumping.
The Harz range is famous not only for its landscape but also equally beautiful and scenic towns with numerous historical buildings and monuments. Narrow alleys, colorful town houses, precious antiques and ubiquitous traces of former mines are signs that identify towns of the Harz. Most buildings in the Harz used popular wattle and daub construction, a special material for making walls, which makes the houses colorful and very characteristic for this region. At the first sight all those towns seem very similar but each of them - Goslar, Bad Harzburg, Hahnenklee, Braunlage,Wernigerode and many others. offer you unique and unforgettable impressions.

Goslar is a very magical, former Imperial Town, often referred to as the „Rome of the North”. It was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The most interesting sites in this town include the Imperial Palace, the picturesque Old Town, and the former 1000 year old mines (rich in materials like silver, copper, lead and zinc - Rammelsberg) which were turned into a modern mining museum. In Goslar, there are also many impressive water reservoirs (Oberharzer Wasseregal) – engineering and mining masterpieces which are surrounded by hiking trails of more than 100 km length. Churches, chapels and their towers are what complete the vista and make it even more marvelous and unique.

From Hahnenklee you can reach the Brocksberg summit by cablecar. You will also find here the longest in Northern Europe sled track, biking park with seven slides (different levels) and many other skiing trails.

Bad Harzburg is famous for its numerous rest centers and the SKYROPE-Hochseilpark rope park.

Braunlage – summer and winter sports center when you can indulge in practicing typical, moderate activities, as well as extreme and extraordinary ones. This place abounds in ski lifts and is the most famous for a ski jump, the Wurmbergschanz, where the FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup takes place. Beside that, in Braunlage you also often come across fans of more extraordinary activities and events such as monsterrolling and naked sled riding.

Wernigerode is also called the Colorful town of the Harz. One of its places that you must see is the Wernigerode Castle located at the hill above the town which is now a museum open to visitors. Once you decide to visit Wernigerode, you should also ride a historical narrow gauge to the highest summit of the Harz - the Brocken, where the legend has it that it used to be a place where covens of witches gathered. There are a few trails that lead to the peak of the Harz, one of these routes is called the Goethe Way (Goetheweg) and the most beautiful and picturesque view is from the Torfhaus mountain pass – where many hiking trails cross.

Other spots worth seeing include water reservoirs (e.g. Okerstalsperre, Inerstalsperre, Granetalsperre), river valleys, and the Romkerhaller Waterfall.

Places mentioned above are only just a few that you should see while visiting the Harz Mountains.

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