Welcome to the Am Wald Hotel!

In the heart of the Hart Mountains, in the lovely town called Lautenthal, there is the Am Wald Hotel. The name of the Am Wald Hotel perfectly conveys its the atmosphere of its location that is close to the forest.

The Am Wald Hotel is an ideal place where you can relax thoroughly in the bosom of nature at any time of the year. Everyone who enjoys spending time on the fresh air eg. walking, cycling, or skiing, will immediately fall in love with this site. The hotel and the surroundings are the embodiment of relaxation and tranquility. Beautiful sceneries, closeness to nature, and fresh mountain air enhance resting and help to renew one's strength.

Choosing the Am Wald Hotel as a place to unwind, you provide yourself with many opportunities to do activities such as cycling, roller-skating, jogging, Nordic walking, walking, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, riding on sleighs, and also canoeing, riding paddle boats, sailing and rowing. If you prefer less active ways of spending your leisure time, you will find a lot of places that will be the perfect destinations for your romantic walks (including boardwalks by dams, numerous forest footpaths or lovely town alleys with interesting historical landmarked buildings and monuments on their ways.

Lautenthal is also the perfect town for setting off for longer trips. It only takes a few moments to get to Hahnenklee, Wildemann or Goslar. Other cities worth visiting including Torfhaus, Bad Harzburg, Wernigerode and Braunlage, are also not far from Lautenthal.
From Lautenthal you will go anywhere, you just have to get here.

If you, my Dear Visitor, are interested in the Am Wald Hotel and the Hart Mountains, find more information on our website, visit us and live the experience.